Softball Drills – Fun and Challenging Hitting Drills

Practice can become dull and boring if the same softball drills are used every time. In order to keep athletes fresh in their skills, incorporate new drills as often as possible. These fun and challenging hitting drills will provide players a new perspective on hitting and force them out of a practice rut!

Pepper Game

This softball hitting drill emphasizes control over the bat and makes the hitter work on a short, quick swing.

  • Position three to five fielders about 25 feet from the batter, making sure they are spread safely apart.
  • Have the batter hit the ball with a short, downward stroke toward one of the fielders.
  • The fielder fields the ground ball and quickly pitches the ball back to the batter, who uses the same quick downward stroke to hit back to one of the fielders.
  • Right handed batters should hit inside pitches to the fielder on her left, middle pitches to the players in the center, and outside pitches to the fielder on her right.
  • To make the drill more challenging, have two balls going at once to really keep the batter focused.

Colored Softball Toss

This softball drill requires the hitter to really concentrate on the pitch and focus on keeping her weight back.

  • For this drill, the coach, or whoever is acting as pitcher, needs several balls of different colors.
  • The pitcher will toss two pitches simultaneously, making sure the balls are at different heights.
  • While releasing the toss, the pitcher will call out which ball the player should hit, forcing her concentration on just one ball.
  • For variations on this drill, the coach can sometimes incorporate fake tosses or vary the speeds of the balls. If colored balls are not available, the pitcher could call out “high” or “low” instead.
  • This hitting drill will help players adjust their swing for high or low pitches, particularly when they may have been expecting the opposite.

Hit the Bounce

This drill forces the hitter to focus on the timing of her swing, both the trigger – when she should initiate the swing – and the point at which she should make contact with the ball.

  • Have the pitcher stand to the front and side of the hitter, about ten feet away.
  • The pitcher tosses a tennis ball to the hitter, making sure the ball bounces once before reaching the strike zone.
  • The hitter should watch the pitch and use the bounce as a trigger for the swing.
  • Once she has started her swing, the hitter needs to time it so that she hits the ball at the top of the bounce.
  • This drill might take a lot of practice to master, both from the person tossing the tennis ball and the hitter, but once they understand the basics it can really help with timing the swing.

How to Find the Most Fun Games Online

Online gaming has exploded in popularity in the past few years. The web is now home to millions of games, with new ones coming out every day. From mobile apps to social networks, entertaining diversions can be found almost everywhere. Finding games online is easy, but there are so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones are best. You could spend a lifetime trying out every different one. For those who don’t have so much time to spare, it may help to narrow your search.

Let’s take a look at four of the most popular categories of fun games available online.

Action – Action games are fast paced adventures that require coordination and quick reflexes. These may also include elements of strategy, navigation and exploration, but the player’s physical dexterity remains the central focus of gameplay. Common features of the action genre include various levels of gameplay, numerous enemies, and different character skills and weapons. Characters usually have a limited supply of health or “lives,” which may be replenished by upgrades or “power ups” found throughout the game.

Fighting – Fighting games are a subset of the action category. The primary difference is that these revolve solely around the combat. These are fun games that generally portray hand-to-hand combat between two opponents. Fighting games may feature a wide range of characters, special abilities and settings. “Combo” attacks, knockouts and sometimes weapons or special attack techniques are characteristic elements of this genre.

Logic – Logic games are those that rely more on a clever mind than quick fingers. Puzzle, strategy and word games all fall under this category. Fun games involving logic may be timed, rewarding the player who can think fast. These are most often a single-player entertainment, although multi-player options do exist. Pattern recognition, mathematical aptitude and an understanding of physics may all play a role in different types of logic challenges. Hidden object and matching games are other popular types of puzzles.

Sports – Sports games are those that simulate real-world sporting competitions. From pastimes like baseball and football to extreme sports and even imaginary ones, sports games comprise a wide variety of physical challenges. Sports games often emphasize realism and may include advanced physics engines to accurately portray the movement of human bodies, as well as game equipment such as balls, bats or bicycles. Some feature real athletes or teams.

Knowing what type you prefer is the first step to finding fun games online. Pick your favorite and look for that on one of the many web sites that let you play online. Most of these sites allow you to browse by category, so it is easy to discover the perfect one. You can buy retail video games or download paid apps, but there are more and more great free options you can play right in your web browser released every day. Gone are the days when gaming required expensive consoles and costly cartridges or discs. Now you can just surf the web and start playing fun games for free right now.

Restore Your Inner Child With Fun Games Online

The keyword here is “fun.” Remember fun? Fun was that stuff that made you smile and gave you that warm, happy feeling inside; fun was that thing that eased your worries, took your mind off the office, and amazingly erased your frown lines. Remember that stuff? Just because you have earned all the badges and carry all the burdens of a “responsible adult,” nowhere does the handbook stipulate that you must forfeit all your fun. Get the healthy dose of the fun factor you crave, playing your favourite fun games at an online arcade.

Play all the classic fun games.

Back in the day, when you felt that it was your job and sworn duty to have fun, you played Pac Man and Donkey Kong for as long as the tokens kept coming out of your pocket. You still can play them, now in quicker and more responsive digital form, logging on to your favourite virtual arcade-no tokens required. Also, just as back in the day when the fun factor was everything and fun games were your passion, the Mario Brothers continue to rule the online arcade. Guide them through new adventures, and take your game to the levels of which you dreamed. Some of your desktop favourites also have been updated and adapted for online arcade play: remember Missile Command and Tetris-still alive and thriving, ready for you to show how you still have your magic touch.

Try some new favourites.

While you have denied yourself the fun you deserve, the world of online gaming has evolved: Games have grown from two dimensions to three, the villains in the action games have become considerably more menacing, and the obstacles in the driving games have become a lot more treacherous. Of course, better graphics and more responsive controls translate to more thrills and excitement in online fun games.

Driving games still challenge you to get around the track as quickly as possible, negotiating tough turns and avoiding the guardrails and obstacles. But you no longer must settle for just cars and motorcycles. If it has wheels, it inevitably has become an online driving game. Everything from skateboards to monster trucks and big rigs now careen around the internet arcades, defying gravity and your skill with the arrow keys. Maze games still inveigle you, testing your ability to find your way through and out of terribly tangled webs. Puzzle games still challenge your logic, intuition, and quick thinking. And some of your favourite diversions from Facebook have been adapted for arcade play: if you already love Farmville or Café World, try their internet arcade versions.

Not surprisingly, fun games have evolved most in the “action games” genre. Pick an epoch, a hero, a landscape, a quest and play-out your adventure with fantastic adversaries and amazing weapons. As your memories of fun return, you surely will recall the epic contests that locked you in battle for hours on end, defeating foe after foe in flagrant defiance of the fun games’ most dreaded phrase-“game over.”