How to Find Educational and Fun Games For Kids on the iPod

When it comes to games for kids, we all want what best for our kids. However, we do not always know what that means. I want something that is educational and my kids want something that is fun. Does that mean we can’t get the same thing? Absolutely not! There are games that are both educational and fun.

Throw Tradition out the Window

As a teacher, I have to get rid of my traditional views of education. Education does not have to be boring. Kids can learn from singing and dancing just as much if not better than they can learn from flash cards and rote memory. The key to educational games is age and developmentally appropriate. Guitar Hero is actually an educational game for those kids who need to learn the music scale and it is required in many states as part of fine arts. Not to mention, if you buy some of the classic song you have culturally appropriate learning too!

Focus on Skills

Sure you won’t find a game that will teach you advanced chemistry but you can find an iPod app that will teach you different cooking recipes. If cooking isn’t your thing maybe you can find an app for crocheting or knitting. There are plenty of applications that can help you learn a variety of different skills. All you need to do is decide what you want to learn and then go online and search for it.

Make it more fun with a Timed Challenge

When you are looking for fun educational games, look for those with a time limit. Your average boring game adds a bit more excitement when there is a time limit. Adding is old hat but when you have to beat the clock, your adrenaline gets pumping and the game suddenly becomes more exciting. The same goes for a racing challenge. If you can find someone to race or a score to beat, then the game takes on completely new meaning. Otherwise, the game becomes boring drills you can do at home.

Keep it Simple

The most important part to teaching your child anything is keeping it simple. Math really is everywhere. It is harder to find a game that isn’t educational than it is to find a game that is educational. Granted there are games more educational than others. However, as parents and teachers, we need to meet our children and students where they are and gradually lead them to the more educational side to living.

Do the educational games for kids have to be dull and boring? I don’t think so and I certainly hope not! I do not want to live in a boring world and I do not want my kids to either.

Road Trip – A Challenging & Fun Game the Family & Kids Will Love

Many people have attempted to tell me that road trips and road trip games are a thing of the past, now that everyone flies to their destinations. While there is certainly truth to that, people still go on road trips all the time – and anyone who has kids will agree that they are always looking for fun games and activity ideas for any long road trip, or even just a short car trip around town to run errands.

So, whether on your next long road trip, or just a quick car trip around town – try this extremely fun game to help keep the kids entertained. It is one of many, but seems to be one that children really enjoy.


# of Players: 2 or more

Objects Needed: Nothing

Everyone playing this fun car game will be on their own team. One player will start and find a random billboard and read one sentence from the billboard, and it should be a relatively short sentence (anywhere from 5-7 words long). Once the sentence is read, the person to the left of whoever just read the sentence will then have 30 seconds to think up a line that rhymes with the sentence just read. This made up rhyme must be about the same amount of words, the end word must rhyme, and it should be somewhat relating to or relevant to what the sentence is about. If, for example, if player 1 reads: “everything in the store must go,” then before 30 seconds is up, player 2 might say: “the merchandise is selling so slow.”

Once player 2 responds with a pertinent rhyme, they will then find a new sentence from a different billboard, and this will repeat around the circle. If a player does not respond within 30 seconds, or the rhyme is voted by everyone else as either not rhyming or not relating to the sentence read, that person gets one strike. A player is out for that round once they receive 3 strikes. The last player playing will receive a point for winning that round. Start another round, and everyone will come back in and play – the first person to score 3 points is the winner!

Fun Games For Halloween – Parents Use at Home When the School Bans Kids Halloween Activities

Many school systems are trying to be politically correct and therefore ban kids Halloween Activities during school hours. This leaves many parents searching for educational, yet fun games for Halloween to use at home. Parents might search for free games on line, or purchase a fun Halloween activity book at a bookstore or find an downloadable eBook. Here are some ideas of the sorts of educational games or activities kids love and can be used to reinforce their skills.

  • Word Puzzles are always fun and simple activities to give children. They are generally individual so can be used in the car, while in a waiting room, or on a rainy weekend afternoon. Word puzzles would be variations on word searches, unscrambling words, or creating words based on a theme.
  • Mazes are always a great problem solving activity, quick and simple. Educational mazes might have problems to solve or riddles to answer along the way, generally ending up with a secret word or phrase.
  • Math worksheets provide many options for kids Halloween activities with quality, fun exercises that motivate students while giving extra practice on skills covered in school. These worksheets might be a riddle, puzzle or even a Sudoku type problem but they all need to use current math skills to be effective.
  • Writing prompts used at home will challenge the family to write some fun and interesting Halloween stories and share with each other. Parents can motivate the students to get some journal writing in with few complaints if they find some different and interesting prompts.
  • Brain Teasers or trivia cards are always an engaging way to pass time with the family. Families at the dinner table or while riding in the car can take turns reading brain teasers or Halloween trivia. Many of these promote problem solving and higher level thinking skills while the children think they are just having fun!
  • Game boards with a Halloween theme give the family a break form the standard games they use all the time. Finding Halloween board games that tap into school topics, math vocabulary, problems solving make it even better.

Parents searching for educational, yet fun games for Halloween will be better off if they find one or two products that have quality activities spanning several grade levels. That way all the children in the house can use just one resource, and there will always be new activities available for future years. It is also important to be sure there are enough activities at each skill level so the resource can be used several times during the holiday.

If the school system near you bans kids Halloween activities and you happen to love the holiday, then finding fun games for Halloween to use at home will be just the thing for you. Parents looking for an alternative to handing out candy could even run off a bunch of downloadable puzzles on orange paper, roll it up with a cute bow and hand it out for trick or treating!