How To Motivate Kids To Study With 9 Fun Games

Not all video games are bad for kids. There are studies conducted and debates regarding the negative effects of video games for the mental health of young children, however some schools and educators are advocating the use of these very games to help children learn better.

Here are 9 fun games and online resources that can help you motivate your kids to study harder:

Alphabet Soup – A game that’s great for helping children learn spelling. It consists of a bowl of alphabet soup from which kids can fish for letters to form words. Different levels are available to hold interest and challenge kids from the 2nd grade to the 5th grade.

Counting on a Cloud – Pre-K game is designed to help teach kids to learn how to count. There are fun pictures accompanied by sound so children are motivated to participate.

Critter Jumble – This is another fun spelling game to help build skills. Kids will have to move letters in chronological order to reveal the correct word.

Game of the Vegetrons – This is a language game used to build your kids’ vocabulary and motivate them to study, which also encourages them to learn the meaning of words.

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? – This game helps with geography. It has helped raised many grade school children and is one of the few games that have made geography exciting again. This game is a terrific interactive quest that is best for children in the 5th and 6th grades.

Hunt the Ancestor – Kids learn about human evolution with this interactive game where they will be required to find the remains of their ‘ancestor’. This is a great archaeology game that will motivate your to collect information about their ‘finds’ and study them.

Treasure Cave – Another fun game to help motivate your kids in learning geography, the objective of the game is to locate a treasure. To find the treasure, kids must answer geography-related questions and find clues.

Who Wants to be a Mathonaire? – Does this title sound familiar? It’s based on the popular TV game “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”, only the questions are all about mathematics. The animated show host is very entertaining and kids will love how the math problems are presented in increasing difficulty. This is the perfect game if you want to motivate them to study a subject that most kids dislike.

Piggy Bank – Most kids who are familiar with the game Tetris will find this game very stimulating. Instead of bricks or same colored objects, you must be able to figure out the amount in the columns in order to eliminate them. If your kids can’t, the columns will fill up.

Finding games that can motivate your kids to study just got easier thanks to educational websites. is one of the websites that you can find that offers interactive online games. These games are categorized based on type, so it’s easy to choose which ones your kids will want to try. Subjects such as vocabulary, mathematics, history, health and science are all covered. is another excellent website that offers interactive online games. Click on the link to educational games and you will be brought to a page where children can be motivated to study subjects such as literature, economics, physiology, chemistry and physics. The games are simple but very effective. They are also fun to play. You’d be surprised at how addictive they can be, even for adults.

Fun Games For Kids – Pleasurable Activities For You and Your Kids

Since the kids’ brains are still fresh, they are able to keep in mind the impressions they accumulate from their environment well. This is the reason why it is important to provide fun games for kids to allow them to gain knowledge of a lot during the early childhood.

Fun games for kids will not only serve as a way to teach your children significant standards and talents, furthermore; it serves as attaching and getting along activities for you and your children. By playing usual fun games for kids, parents would be able to spend more time with their children and their connection would become stronger.

The good thing about having fun games for kids is you never have to force your children to learn. All you have to do is keep the fun games for kids all the time and they will be always willing to participate.

Kids love to play and games play a most important part of their days. Fun games for kids can be a challenge. Not all the fun games have benefits for children. New games coming out all the time, nevertheless sometimes the classics are still the best.

They would not even know that they are learning; since they are having a lot of fun. In their minds, it is just a pastime but as the game goes on and on, they are actually learning something.

One of the greatest ways to provide fun games for kids is to engage them in role-playing. Throughout role playing you would be able to explain them how to follow their duties and educate them.

Kids gain knowledge of by mimicking. As you keep showing a behavior to them, they will probably display it, as well in the future; no need to mention the call for learning of communication.

Be imaginative in creating new games and make them amusing.

Four Fun Games Your Kids Can Enjoy With Outdoor Playground Sets

With all the cool toys that kids can play with indoors, finding outdoor activities kids will actually go and do can be a challenge. Many children are drawn indoors by the lure of video games, television and other technology, leading to problems with sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity. Outdoor playground sets can provide children with hours of fun in their own backyards. You can encourage activity amongst your children or grandchildren by teaching them some of these fun games they can enjoy with outdoor play sets.

• Obstacle Course: Making your own obstacle course with a great playground set keeps kids excited about playing outside instead of hibernating indoors. Use cones in conjunction with your play set and draw a map to outline the obstacle course. You’ll want to have the kids go through the course one at a time so you don’t have any accidental collisions. Once everyone has gone through the obstacle course you’ve made, you can enlist the help of the children to create a second obstacle course involving the different components of the play set and other yard toys.

• House: Kids love emulating their parents and playing “house” is a game that every kid loves to play time after time. Drape an old sheet over the slide to create the house and encourage the kids to use swings for their vehicles. It won’t take much to fire off their imaginations as they pretend to be Mom and Dad taking care of day to day activities, going to work and coming home.

• Relay Races: If your children seem to have endless amounts of energy you can help them use it up before bedtime with relay races. Creating a relay race in your yard that involves a lot of different activities such as using the slide on your swing-set, swinging 5 times and climbing up and down the ladder will put them in action. When these components are combined with running around the yard, kids get a great workout that helps them develop large motor muscles and have fun, too.

• I Spy: Perspective makes a difference and children will see things differently from the upper areas of the play set. Have kids take turns “spying” different things from the treehouse portion of the play set while everyone else guesses.

Outdoor play sets provide lots of fun and many children are satisfied by simply swinging and sliding the afternoon away. But when a little extra creativity is called for, you can keep your children active on outdoor playground sets by playing one or more of these games. All it takes is a little outside the box imagination to make the kids reach for more imagination too. Before you know it, all they’ll need is a sunny day and a little free time to entice them outdoors.